As if, 2014

wooden pallet,

inkjet photo printing on satin paper 120 x 80 x 13,5 cm


Undercoat, 2014

paint removal, matt white paint on the wall, homothetic plan space on the  oor,

in situ intervention

    I achieved this artistic intervention in an abandoned building, initially occupied by the “Université Foraine”, a project led by French architect Patrick Bouchain. This place’s vocation is to set up a link between the many players of the city and to have them meet up and create together, with collective consciousness, common heritage and shared expertise. In order to take action on this place, hence into this project,

    I needed my proposition to head towards an evolution of the site, to renew it and to rekindle its memory.


    By acting in situ, I get together with these conditions and suggest a restoration of the area with its already existing elements.

I made a random pattern by partially sanding the original paint o , which one was opaque, thick and cracked.


    I then painted again the walls with matt white paint over the older coat/ layer, creating light games, which emphasizes the embossed design, shows a topography/layout of the  eld and reveals the layers of paint, so the steps of the repairs.

    The cracked pieces of paint which fell during the sanding were o set in a compact pile resuming the plan of the area, to smaller scale. These remains are the only reference to this space transformation.


Build me up before we

go go, 2014

75 x 35 x 120 cm

From the exhibition: Nous construirons 35 hectares sous la lune, 2014, group show, EESAB, Rennes (FR)

view from the exhbition


Beyond that, 2014
precipitated chalk, in situ intervention, variable dimensions

From the exhibition: Je me souviens dans deux ans,

group show, Gallery 48, Rennes (FR), view from the exhbition


Here & There, 2014

inkjet photo printing

on satin paper, steel, plaster, 200 x 120 cm

From the graduation show, 2014, EESAB, Rennes (FR)