Look at it twice, 2015
set of models, mixed media, inkjet printing on satin paper, 50 x 67 cm each

    Through this warning, or rather this suggestion, the audience is invited to interpret beyond the sense of vision. In facts, these photoraphs went through a transformation: they are replicas.

    These models are made of images picturing places with aesthetical interest. The duplication of these places to smaller scale impart to the details some signi cance similarly

to ornament. Moreover, the medium format of the print brings scope

to these miniaturalised elements, which ones play with the spectator’s perception , as per the said title.


Zips, 2015

cable clamps, set of items found, inkjet printing on satin paper,

50 x 67 cm

From the exhibition:  +1, 126 gallery, Rennes


Mattolaituri, 2015
silkscreen print, wooden structure, plaster rocks, 130 x 180 cm

     Mattolaituri is a Finnish word used for the wooden piers to which people get their blankets and carpets clean. This old tradition is still kept and contributes in uniting people, thanks to shared activities and places, setting in towns.

     The carpets are to be cleaned in seawater, then spread out on large and solid wooden structures, one close to each others.Then, a play of association of patterns, colours and proportions in performed.

     This set suggests to lay a sculpural glance on these fortuitous combinations. The frames are to hold at eyelevel silkscreen printings picturing downy carpets, weighted by rough plaster cast stones. Such reproductions, then, enhance the formal and false of this layout.


Anachronism, 2015
Laser print on rhodoid, overhead projection,

38 x 55 cm

From the graduation show, 2014, EESAB, Rennes (FR)

    In the middle of the shooting of an historical  lm, War and Peace, it

seems. People in costumes are holding bayonets, and there is this wall. Smooth and brand new. Cream white, a little yellowish. Fragments of a stone vault are to surface, older. Their well de ned shape stand out of the wall, turning this superposition of materials into a collage mixing di erent times and forms.

    Rennes, November 2015, Hoche street. In an exhibition hall. The picture of a cupola brick is projected on a wall, also white and smooth. This immaterial re ection performs again the context in which it was extracted from, like in History classes, using an overhead projector. Then, two surfaces are added to each other, making like a spatio- temporal door leading to two di erent times.