The moon chased the sun out of the sky, Goodbye sun The night’s begun, 2017

Color inks on satin fabrics, enamel clay

This set of sculptures is an allusion to the light when the sun rises up or goes down on the horizon. Flippantly hanged,  the delicately dyed satin fabrics are like the misty sky. The pure colored rocks like the landscape.

 These sculptures are named after a song of Moly Nilsson, called “Hey moon”, that celebrates the night.


9h53 & 14h52, 2017

Diptych, watercolor painting, Site specific intervention

 9h53 & 14h52 is a diptych that has been realized site specifically. These two paintings are a metaphor of the sunrise and the sunset of the winter days in Finland. The light, at this time of the year, is really particular and rich of various shades.

 9h53 & 14h52 is named after the hour of the dawn and the dusk of the day it has been made, and it transposes the different variations of the light of this day.


 Directly painted on the wall, with watercolor paintings, this intervention apposes a sensitive layer of color on the materiality of the wall and undertakes like a filter on it. This mild layer of color forces the viewer to come close to the wall in order to notify all the different tones.



As you dance with the light, 2017

Iridescent cellophane, rope and metalic mast

This site specific installation takes place in the surroundings of the gallery. It is an invitation to enter into the perimeter of the gallery. This subtle intervention is a punctuation in the space, slightly visible. This is an opposite stance to what is a normally a flag: something that shows, claims and introduces. Here, this flag is almost invisible, and its strongest presence is the sound it creates


 The iridescent surface of the flag is an echos to the surfaces nearby, such as the snow, the ice, the water of the lake and the fog from the big factory neighboring.

 The holographic flag plays and dances with the light of the day, as on a daylight-sky the surface of it is pink and silver-ish. At night, on a dark sky, it turns blue and green-ish.  Then, it covers the lights of winter days in Finland which are so special.